Nano Clear | Time To Shine

Our unique hi-tech cleaning spray formula is 100% result guaranteed & safe to use.

D-I-Y safely & easily applied

 it takes only 30 seconds - no additions or extra's needed. all complement products are included !

Non allergenic substances & non-toxic ingredients

 eco-friendly proven formula - safe for your skin and safe for the environment.

Clean & shining results within a minute

a simple, easy-to-use cleaning process & just a few seconds away.

Effective & economical product

a regular spray container (60 ML) is effective for 1 year and will be enough for dozens of jewelry applications.

Compatible & assurance for use

due to our advanced, acid-free, non-harmful formula the product can be applied safely & risk-free on your ordinary, day to day jewels or even your most valuable & expensive items.

100% customer satisfaction & refund policy

our products has been used & tested by us and by our customers globally, and are being tested & assured by them every-day, constantly. IF, by any reason, you are not satisfied - we guarantee 100% refund policy!


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