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First stage - renewal
Fold the micro fiber cloth in two. Apply a little portion of the Micro Polish on the cloth.
Hold the watch or jewelry
and rub it on the cloth until the scratches are removed.
Watch our tutorial video showing the usage.

After completing the renewal process and removing
the scratches from the watch or jewelry clean with
Nano Clear – Watch /Jewelry.
Remove the cloth & dip the brush in water Spray on all parts of the item & Brush well until completely foamed.
Clean the inner part of the item
to achieve effective cleaning. After brushing, wash the item with water & Polish using the microfiber cloth.

After renewing and cleaning, use our matte sponge to renew
the brushed parts of the watch .

Renew with our scratch removal paste Nano Clear - Micro Polish once or twice a year. We recommend cleaning your watches & jewelry with
Nano Clear – Watch / Jewelry at least once a month to maintain a high level of shine and hygiene.


How to renew the brushed parts:

After renewing the watch with Nano Clear - Micro Polish and cleaning with Nano Clear - watch, renew the brushed finish with our matte sponge.

Hold the sponge and slide up and down for several seconds, ONLY ON THE BRUSHED PARTS OF THE WATCH.
Repeat while only sliding from up to down in the same direction for several more seconds.

Watch our tutorial video to understand the usage
*** Do not use on polished parts of the watch


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