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First Stage - Renewal
1. Preparing the Watch:
a. Fold the provided microfiber cloth in half.
b. Apply a small portion of Nano Clear - Micro Polish onto the cloth.
2. Polishing the Watch:
a. Hold the watch firmly.
b. Gently rub the item on the cloth in a circular motion, focusing on areas with visible scratches.
c. Continue the process until all scratches are visibly reduced or eliminated.
d. For a visual guide, watch our detailed tutorial video.

Second Part - Brushed restoration

How to Renew the Brushed Parts
After successfully renewing and cleaning your watch with Nano Clear - Micro Polish and Nano Clear - Watch/Jewelry Cleaner, it’s time to focus on the brushed parts to restore their distinctive finish.

*** Do not use on polished parts of the watch

1. Preparing the Matte Sponge:
a. Our specially designed matte sponge comes with two sides for a two-step renewal process.
b. Start with the blank side of the sponge for initial application.
2. Application Process:
a. Hold the watch firmly and slide the sponge up and down on the brushed parts for several seconds.
b. Flip the sponge to the logo side and repeat the process for several more seconds to achieve the perfect finish.
Maintain straight lines and consistent up-to-down sliding motions in the same direction to achieve a perfect brushed finish.
Important Note:

Third step- Cleaning
1. Application of Nano Clear - Watch Cleaner:
a. Dip the provided brush in water and spray Nano Clear - Watch Cleaner on all parts of the item.
b. Brush well until completely foamed, ensuring the inner parts of the watch are also thoroughly cleaned.
2. Rinsing and Polishing:
a. Rinse the item thoroughly with water.
b. Use the microfiber cloth to polish the watch to a bright shine.

Visual Learning Resources:
We offer hundreds of tutorial videos and reels showcasing the renewal process on various top luxury models. Watch our visual guides to understand the detailed application procedure effectively.

Customer Support:
If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us by email at Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in making the most of your Nano Clear Watch Renewal Kit.
Enjoy a seamlessly restored brushed finish that complements the polished surfaces, ensuring your watch looks as splendid as the day you first adorned it! Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to achieve optimal results.


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